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Move In / Move Out

Kang’s Cleaning services offers the best move in/ move out services throughout Adelaide. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Move In/ Move Out cleaning service includes following:
  1. Deep vacuuming and mopping of all floors to remove spots, dust & dirt.
  2. Internal cleaning of all windows, window frames & window sills
  3. External cleaning of all facade windows & glass
  4. Deep cleaning of all fixtures, sockets, switches, shelves, balcony sliding doors/other doors, and door frames
  5. Cleaning of all kitchen and bathroom tiles to remove Dust and dirt
  6. Deep cleaning of all bathroom & laundry fixtures including bathtubs, sinks, showers, cupboards & other fittings
  7. Carpet Steam Cleaning of carpeted areas with spots and stains
  8. Cleaning of inside cupboards of all kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living areas.
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